Life is a journey.  Let us guide you.

The North Star, also known as Polaris, has been a steadfast guiding light for travelers, explorers, and pioneers.  For thousands of years, it has safely guided them through uncharted territories to their final destinations.

Similarly, North Star Mixed Martial Arts provides safe, reliable, and steadfast guidance to help members in the martial arts community–both old and new–more quickly and effectively achieve their goals.

Wherever you want to go with martial arts–we can take you there.

Come find out just how powerful you can become!

Getting on the mats and training like a UFC champion is so much easier than you’d think!

We’ve come a long way since the “dark ages” of Mixed Martial Arts.  These days, the training is more accessible than ever.  You can enjoy the benefits of mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing training just like the pros without ever having to fight.

Develop endless cardio, a durable physique, explosive strength, and cutting edge self-defense skills in a fast paced, fun, and challenging environment.

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