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The North Star, also known as Polaris, has been a steadfast guiding light for travelers, explorers, and pioneers.  For thousands of years, it has safely guided them through uncharted territories to their final destinations.

Similarly, North Star Mixed Martial Arts provides safe, reliable, and steadfast guidance to help members in the martial arts community–both old and new–more quickly and effectively achieve their goals.

Wherever you want to go with martial arts–we can take you there.

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  •   Jacksons a fantastic teacher and a very thorough instructor - super passionate about MMA with years and years of experience and qualifications. Check out North star you won't regret it

    thumb Glen Shaw

      Jackson is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. He always took extra time to give me personal tips and showed genuine interest in my progress. Highly recommend training with him.

    thumb William John

      I had the chance to work with and learn from Jackson a few years back, and his wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as his passion for teaching and helping others were evident from the jump. He has a great way of breaking down movements so that they make sense even to the most novice trainees (which I was), and he helped me learn a ton of great stuff in a short amount of time without making me feel uncomfortable for my evident lack of experience. I would recommend Jackson or any of his coaches to anyone looking to improve their fight skills, both rookies and vets. I guarantee he gets you better!

    thumb Matt Zubak
  •   As you read the many 5 star reviews, you can obviously see why Jackson Galka is so highly regarded as a coach from just about everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and training with him so I'll save you the time from having to read another such a review. Instead, I'll tell you about how he got me started with my martial arts training and how it has shaped the last 9 years of my life. In 2008, I sent an email to Daddis Fight Camps with no prior martial arts training looking for an internship. At the time, Jackson was the Academy Director there and that email ended up in his inbox. Most people in the same situation (including myself) would have sent that email straight to the trash folder, but Jackson invited me in for an introductory lesson, taught me some basic techniques, and then hired me to help out in the front office handling administrative duties. Since that day, I've accomplished some things in life that I otherwise probably would never have had it not been for Jackson answering my email. So for anyone in the Chestnut Hill/Northwest Philadelphia area looking to train with a mixed martial arts trainer as legit as legit gets, do yourself a favor and give North Star MMA a shout!

    thumb Khoa Cao

      This place is awesome ! I trained with Jackson for years, he's the best trainer around. Extremely knowledgable about the sport, super encouraging! Jackson makes training fun, while pushing me to do my best. I highly recommend !

    thumb Laura Osborne

      I trained Muay Thai under Coach Jackson. Great skill set and an amazing ability to communicate concepts intelligently.

    thumb Kostas Pappas
  •   Jackson is the man. Dude is seriously skilled and knows exactly how to transfer his knowledge seamlessly to even a beginner. He's as legit as legit gets. If you were thinking of hitting him up, don't hesitate, he WILL NOT waste a second of your time and goes well above and beyond for his peoples. Check him out!

    thumb Angus Perfect

      I trained under coach Jackson for 6 years and loved every minute. He is very technical and pays a lot of attention to details for all his students. he makes class fun while still working your ass off. He's very personable and professional, would recommend Jackson to anyone from a beginner to professional.

    thumb Jeffrey Taylor

      Had the pleasure to have Jackson as a coach for 4 years. During that time he was able to make me a better martial artist with his ability to breakdown complex movements/techniques in it's most simplest form for me to understand.

    thumb Bobby Malcolm
  •   Jackson Galka is a technical, amazing coach with a passion to help other achieve their goals! Weather you are a pro fighter or a beginner looking to just get in shape or just learn self-defense for a hobby, Jackson can help you reach whatever you have set in front of you. Oh yeah, and he's pretty dreamy too. Lol

    thumb Jeff Cressman

      Coach jackson is one of the best muay thai teachers in the Philadelphia area. I go to train with him whenever i can to get his knowledge. His gym is highly recommended and i highly recommend his gym to anyone in that area.

    thumb Joe Stripling

      I trained with Jackson for over two years both in class settings and privately. He is an excellent teacher and talented martial artist. His training is innovative and rigorous, but not overwhelming. Highly recommend checking him out!

    thumb Adnan Zulfiqar
  •   Words cannot do justice to describe what an amazing coach Jackson Galka is! His expertise is second to none and his passion and energy are contagious. If you are looking to be a pro fighter, want to learn self defense, or are just looking to change your life and get into great shape then don't pass up the opportunity to train with one of the best in the area.

    thumb Jim Rosiello

      Coach Jackson is very professional and a pleasure to work with. If you are new to this type of training, you won't feel intimidated and he will work with you if you have any health issues that limit you. You will also get a level of professional training in the sport, not just lame movements to make a quick buck. Highly recommend to check out.

    thumb Mike Pyryt

      Jackson's an MMA genius. His approach is so observant and intelligent, you sometimes forget he could kick your ass. Love learning from him and can definitely see why North Star MMA is such a success.

    thumb James Timothy White
  •   jackson baer galka is an awesome coach and mentor with his Superior and savvy coaching ability I was able to have a successful amateur and professional career as a fighter. He gave me the guidance and skills to perform and to be a sound mixed martial artist.

    thumb Joey Patrick Lowry

      Despite the fact that he looks like an Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cosplayer, Jackson is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable coaches around. Above that - his character is what sets him apart. He was the first coach to truly invest in me as a fighter and has traveled far to corner me in fights without asking for anything in return. He remains a mentor in martial arts and gym ownership. Train with him. He's worth it.

    thumb Jake Skelly

      Coach Jackson Galka is an awesome instructor. His style of coaching is perfect for both beginners and advanced. He breaks down the techniques to its simplicity which makes it perfect for beginners to comprehend and perferm them on. Their 1st couple tries.

    thumb Izzy Encarnacion
  •   I started training with Jackson about 3 years ago and he's without a doubt one of the most technical, detail oriented instructors I've had the pleasure of training with. If you're in the area and are looking for a great coach, definitely check him out.

    thumb Matt Geiger

      North Star MMA is by far the best training I have received as well as the best MMA facility. Fantastic atmosphere to learn, try, fail and ultimately succeed. Jackson Galka's expertise and technical instruction easily qualifies him as a "fight nerd." However Jackson's passion and wit will have you kicking, striking and probably laughing too. Jackson does a great job of integrating all levels of training with all levels of fighters. Doesn't matter what level you are, you will learn each and every training session. Top notch instruction, astounding technical expertise, challenging sweat soaked training sessions and a wicked sense of humor make for an unbeatable training academy.

    thumb Win Stauffer

      Jackson Galka is one of the top coaches and trainers in the area. Jackson coached me in martial arts from when I was a beginner to having a great amateur mma career and to win a pro mma fight. Jackson has the ability to teach all levels and cater to anyone's fitness goals. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to give martial arts a shot.

    thumb Jon Forster